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Trick beacon


Trick beacon

We push Real Estate Listings directly to a potential buyer’s mobile device, feature-complete with all Photos, YouTube Walkthroughs and Floor Plans without the need for them to remember anextremlylongwebsitename.com or stepping inside the home.

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Digital Virtual Tours

LotSpot is a digital feature sheet for the mobile age. Feature-rich with the ability to add YouTube Video walkthroughs, PDF’s, photos and more.

24x7 Information

We push the listings information out to potential buyers the way the seller and listing agent intend it to be, to each and every person that comes by, automatically.

Search and Compare

Side by Side by Side. LotSpot users can side by side compare listings with ease on their Tablet or Mobile device.

User Preferences

Users can change their search criteria anytime, a number of bedrooms, baths, etc. They receive this information in-app, when they arrive at a listing.

High Performance

Built on AWS and paired with our hardware technology, LotSpot delivers consistently every time, the moment they arrive, without needing to even get out of their vehicle.

Make Your Listings speak for themselves

Listings on LotSpot deliver more

With tappable MLS numbers linked to Realtor.ca, PDF Attachments, YouTube videos and all the photos of the listing, LotSpot delivers all the content buyers want, in one convenient app. 

We even can direct visitors to your website, integrate with your CRM for further follow up or have users enter a contest. All done in the LotSpot platform.


Updating content is simple and easy.

LotSpot’s platform allows you to update your listings in real-time including adding:

  • photos to a room
  • feature to a room that you want to make stand out to a buyer,
  • add a website link.

LotSpot enables you to deliver more information to your potential buyer in one place.

Push your listing

Buyers that have LotSpot installed on their device will receive a push notification the moment they arrive near your listing. Tapping on this opens your listing on their device where they learn more.

Learn a Lot on the Spot.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Easily the biggest game changer in the industry that still keeps the trust of a realtor in play. LotSpot pushes our listings to all potential clients in a great, easy to use App.

Dean Stella, Developer

Having the ability to have your listings "talk" to everyone that walks by is amazing, this is the evolution of the feature sheet!

Jill Beaton, Realtor @ RE/MAX

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